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 ANNOUNCEMENT !!!        The 2021 show is ON (we think).

Antiques are FUN in 2021

 The 38th Annual Walnut AMVETs Antique Show will continue the tradition.  More than 340 dealers from across the United States will set up their booths, restocking daily with newly displayed items.  If you haven't attended the Walnut AMVETs Antique Show, you will discover that this is the show to "find it and buy it."

Walnut's turn-of-the-century buildings, brick and tree-lined streets, country hospitality and existing malls and shops are the perfect setting for the show.

Walnut is located in Iowa at exit 46 on I-80.

This year's show is:  18-20 June 2021  (Sunday show is Back)

( Next year's Show is:  17-19 June 2022 )

Dealer Inquiries:  Email us for Application:

                                                                                            Call us:        712-784-3710

 The Latest News:

Thursday, January 14, 2021:   We are hopeful that we will be able to conduct a show this year. The AMVETs have decided to decide on the first week of March whether to have the show or not. It will depend on guidance form the Governor and the feeling of the citizens of Walnut. March 4th is the absolute latest we can wait to decide. Too much preparation must be done before June to put it off beyond that date. Bookmark this website for the official word and information about the greatest little antique show in America.



Sunday, November 1st, 2020:  We are starting our planning for the 2021 show very soon. Many of our dealers rolled their money forward to next year, so they are planning to attend.  Stay tuned for more info in the coming months.


Sunday, June 14th, 2020:  Even though the show is cancelled, the shops in Walnut will be open during this whole week, just as if the show was on. Of course, shoppers should expect to take care to adhere to the "new normal" restrictions. Masks are recommended, but not required as per personal choice. Walnut has only 4 confirmed cases (3 of which have recovered) and all were quarantined. So, if fear is not your problem, come to Walnut and shop a little.


Thursday, May 7th, 2020:   Update:  It is with sad hearts that the Walnut AMVETs announce the cancellation of the 2020 show.   The AMVETs and the Walnut City Council decided tonight to cancel the show and arrange either a partial refund to paid-up vendors or offer a paid -up space in the 2021 show. The decision was a very difficult one. The safety of the citizens of Walnut and the surrounding area and the thousands of visitors had to be considered. Whether the threat of infection is real or perceived, the fear of Covid-19 is real. We will start to plan next year's show soon.


Friday, May 1, 2020:  UPDATE:  The governor of Iowa put out new guidance regarding opening restaurants and service businesses in all but 15 counties in eastern Iowa. However, large gatherings are still prohibited. The Governor will revise her guidance on May 15th. The city council has only 2 options to consider on the 7th...cancel the show or defer the decision until Monday May 18th, after the new guidance is issued. So no decision yet.

We will announce any decisions made here on this website. Meanwhile keep your fingers crossed. Only a few of the already contracted dealers have opted out due their age. We have many dealers with recent applications wanting to attend, so it should be a good show if we can have it and the restrictions aren't too severe.

Currently, western Iowa has only a few cases of the virus. Walnut and the surrounding area have almost no cases.

We welcome any comments by email above.  (We do not save any email addresses to sell later.)


Monday, April 6, 2020:  UPDATE:  Last week, the AMVETs and our city council agreed to decide on May 7th whether or not to have a show this year.

If the show is cancelled or not, we will announce it on this website and on face book. 

Any dealers that have not sent in their contract will be given ample time to submit payment. Email us.


Wednesday, April 1, 2020:  UPDATE:  Tomorrow, we have a council meeting and an AMVETs meeting.  We will update you all after those meetings.


Sunday, March 22, 2020:  UPDATE:  The City Council has agreed to decide one way or the other on April 15th whether or not to conduct the Walnut Antique Show this year.  Since the show is mostly conducted on public property, it is their decision.  The decision also depends on guidance from the State of Iowa.  We are attempting to acquire that guidance now.  This  action is not being taken lightly as it greatly affects the economy of many vendors and the community businesses and organizations. The AMVETs do not want to endanger anyone but June is a ways off. Stay tuned.


Sunday, March 15, 2020:  ANNOUNCEMENT:  The Walnut Antique Show will not be cancelled due to the world wide pandemic concerning the CCP Virus (commonly known as covid-19). This may change if the fear factor heightens and vendors refuse to come. We anticipate that the worst will be over by June and folks will be so tired of being isolated that attendance will be up. Stay tuned to this website and/or our Facebook page for the latest news.


Monday, December 23, 2019:  The new 2020 Walnut Antique Show preparation is about to begin. The first contracts to our established vendors go out in the next few weeks. The move to a 2-Day show was unpopular, so we are again going to have a show on Sunday.  The Show is unchanged on Friday and Saturday. The new dates / times are: 8 AM to 5 PM, Friday and Saturday and 8 AM to 4 PM on Sunday.



Last Year's News:

Saturday Morning, June 15, 2019:  Friday was a another great day for the Walnut Antique Show. Had a light rain for a couple of hours in the morning, but turned into a very nice day. The crowds were as big as ever. The weather today looks absolutely fabulous. The rain during the night stayed to the south of Walnut and nothing is developing as of 5:30 AM. The forecast calls for a high of 84 degrees and partly cloudy with a slight wind. Folks should be patient while parking. The firemen are ready for you to get breakfast at the fire hall and all the food booths are gearing up for another busy day in Walnut.

Wednesday, June 12, 2019 :  New Times for the show: Friday 8 am to 5 PM, Saturday 8 AM to 5 PM

The official times are 8-5 each day, however, the outside dealers will most likely be ready to sell by 6 or 7 AM. The doors to the inside halls will not open until 8 AM.  Come early and stay late. The weather forecast still looks very good.




Sunday, June 9, 2019:

The weather forecast is looking very good for the week and the weekend. Walnut is preparing for another great show.

There are only a few spaces left for dealers of antiques and older collectables. E-mail us or call us for a space.

Sunday, June 2, 2019:  Less than 2 weeks before another great Walnut Antique Show.  Dealers all over the country are selecting their best items to bring to the great little town of Walnut. Plans are being finalized and folks are signing up to work shifts for the great food booths that will be at the show. The advertising is scheduled or already in thousands of hands all over the mid-west. 

Western Iowa is experiencing some devastating flooding, but Walnut is located on a ridge, so is not affected. Getting to Walnut is a concern for some, however.  Folks coming to the show from Missouri or Kansas should consider coming north on Hwy 71 from St Joseph, MO instead of I-29 which is closed. Hwy 71 goes thru Maryville, MO and Atlantic, IA. From Atlantic, you can use highway 83 to Walnut.  Folks from anywhere else can use I-80 which is open completely. Also, I-680 is open from Missouri Valley to I-80.

Some have asked us about the show changes due to closing on Saturday night and having no Sunday show. Nothing will change on Friday and Saturday from previous shows. The Firemen will serve their great breakfast on Friday and Saturday before the show and will serve on Sunday for the local folks.


Sunday, January 6, 2019:  Big news!!!  The Walnut AMVETS Post has decided for a number of reasons to make the  Walnut Antique Show a 2 - Day show now.  Everything stays the same except there is no Sunday show.  Oh yeah,  we also changed the hours to 8 AM to 5 PM for Friday and Saturday. Among other things, this will give the folks of Walnut their Father's Day Sunday back which they have missed for 36 years.

Contracts for this years show (for established vendors) go out this week, so if you are a vendor with antiques and/or older collectables, call or e-mail us to get into this year's show. We will place any new vendors during April and May.




Monday, June 18th, 2018:  Another Walnut Antique Show is in the books.  It was a big success. Attendance was very good.  The town is cleaned up and the vendors are safely home or on the way to another show down the road. We didn't have any rain, but the heat was a factor for many. Shoppers came early and left a little earlier than usual. The inside dealers had shoppers longer due to the air-conditioning. The A/C in the Community Center (formerly the school building) worked wonderfully. Many vendors commented they had a great show despite the heat.

We updated the heading on this page, so mark your calendar on your phone or computer for next year's show. (Next year's calendar for your wall won't be out for a few months) Modern technology...ya gotta love it.


Thursday, June 14th, 2018:  Hundreds of volunteers have been preparing for the thousands of antique and collectable enthusiasts that are planning to attend this great show. The forecast is for warm temps, so plan to come early and stay hydrated. Walnut has one of the greatest volunteer fire departments in the state with trained EMTs, but let's try not to need them.

Now that the new Walnut Community building (old school building) is air conditioned, you can get a break from the heat. The Legion Hall and the AMVET Hall also have A/C and have quality exhibitors with quality antiques and collectables.

Many of our vendors have commented to us that they save their best items to bring to the Walnut show, because we attract the best customers. You are welcome to park anywhere in town that is legal, but for easy parking, just follow our volunteers to our many parking areas.

We have had a few calls asking if pets are allowed. They are, but when it's hot, they suffer, so be prepared to take care of them. We don't allow golf carts to be used inside the show, but handicap scooters are allowed.

Many of our young people are planning to sell cold water from roving carts, so you will have easy access to water. Take care of your self and drink early and often.

Have a great time. See you at the show.










   Another addition is our new Information Booth which was a hit.  You can get information and report lost items here.

 Don't forget to get to Walnut early and start the day with a great breakfast at the Walnut Vol. Fire Dept.    Good shopping!

 A change that we made last year and will continue with minor but important differences will be implemented again this year. That change is allowing our vendors to park and set up their canopies on Thursday night. No unloading of goods will be allowed.  Everyone must understand that the AMVETS and the city of Walnut will not allow any transactions to be conducted on Thursday.  Strict rules have been written and harsh penalties will be imposed for infractions. So if you are expecting to get a jump on the shopping on Thursday, it will only be in the shops downtown and not from the show's vendors.

 See you at the show. 

Tim working the forge.

 One of Walnut's attractions is Tim Brennan's Ornamental Iron. Tim has recreated an authentic 1800's blacksmith shop. He operates the forge during the show and talks to onlookers as he heats and shapes iron the old fashion way. This would be a great attraction to see while at the Walnut Antique Show.  Located at the south end of the downtown area.





When you come to Walnut bring your appetite.  The community organizations get involved by providing a variety of food for the growing crowds.  Walnut's firemen have breakfast perfected and will feed hundreds at the Walnut Fire Station on Friday, Saturday and Sunday morning.   Church groups will be doing their part with everything from hamburgers and hot dogs to roast pork sandwiches, from brats to maid-rites.

Walnut has two great restaurants and the area's best bakery downtown now and convenience stores just off the Interstate 80 exit offer many items for the hungry antique-hunter also.  

Walnut's AMVETs will offer grilled smoked pork loin sandwiches and funnel cakes.   With food stands located throughout the show area, you will undoubtedly find something you'll enjoy.

Food Stands

  Open Times Location Types of food
Atlantic Kiwanis Food Stand During Show Atlantic Street Pork loin and drinks
Walnut AMVETS Snack Stand During Show Main St Funnels Cakes and drinks
Peace Church During Show Main St, North of school Roast beef sandwiches, brats, hotdogs, pie, drinks
Presbyterian Church During Show Main St, South of school Barbeque pork sandwiches, pie, ice cream
Lutheran Church During Show Main St, North of school Grilled Brats w/Kraut, Shredded Beef, Hot Dogs and Homemade Pie
Walnut Fire Department Fri, Sat Sun, 6AM-11AM South end of Atlantic St on Hwy 83 Breakfast, eggs, pancakes, sausage
Optimists During Show Highland St, East of Main St Burgers & sandwiches and Drinks.
 Walnut Community Center Foundation  During Show  Inside Community Center (Formerly the school building)          Hot Dogs, Walking Tacos, Chips, Deserts, Drinks.
Restaurants and Shops Open Location Types of food
Hay Stackers during the show Downtown, Main St West side Lunch Menu
Robert's Bakery 6 AM - 6 PM Downtown, Main St, West side Baked goods, Lunch

Glenn's Pub

9 AM - 10 PM Downtown, Main St, West Side Lunch, Bar
Emma Jeans Restaurant 7 AM - 10 PM Exit 46, I-80, North side Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner

 Buffet dining room,      Sports  Bar,   Pizza

Kum & Go


6AM - 10 PM Exit 46, I-80, South side Deli sandwiches, pizza, snacks